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German-Netherlands Bee Centre

Busy in a blooming landscape

Her Majesty will see you now: in the Queen's chamber at the bee centre visitors learn close up how the beehive is built up – on a human scale and from inside. Modern and historic beehives can be viewed from outside. They are part of an exhibition about the past and future of beekeeping, particularly in the area of the present Bourtanger Moor Nature Park. For this reason, as well as the herb garden and windfall meadow, the Bee Centre also includes a moor biotope.

Watch bees at work and learn why beekeeping, why the production of honey and wax in the moor landscape play such an important role on both sides of the border. And last but not least: try the fine honey.


Hebelermeerer Str. 3 • 49733 Haren - Wesuwemoor

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